When the holiday season comes your way you're looking a whole lot of shopping right in the eye. Some people love that, some people want to crawl under a rock. I understand both perspectives. Its a really fun time of year and its so incredible to give a gift to someone you love that you know they'll be pumped for BUT finding that gift and fighting the crowds that holiday season carries can be brutal...totally brutal. Online shopping is handy but if you want to shop local, (and a ton of us do!) or you enjoy the hustle and bustle of holiday commerce, choose a destination like Greater Lansing. Whether you chose Meridian Mall, The Lansing Mall or Eastwood Towne Center we've got some nice mall power. Looking for something truly unique? Try out the small and one-of-a-kind shops in downtown East Lansing or Old Town Lansing! You watch, as you're knocking out your Christmas list you'll find yourself and your crew having a blast. Hit a few stores, grab some lunch, then jump back into it and heat up that credit card!

No matter what time of year it is, Greater Lansing Michigan is a great shopping destination. Add to that the magic of the holiday season and you've got a special space for some special work for Santa's elves. Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas - Right here in Michigan's Capital City!