Feeling good is pretty important. I know that sounds silly and also seems pretty obvious but if you're like me I bet you put off doing a lot of things that make you feel good because you're either busy or tight for cash. Well, sometimes its just worth it to be a little fiscally irresponsible to add to your overall quality of life. Let me explain.

Massage Therapy and Spa in Lansing

Life can be a pain! Let Creative Wellness give you your body back.

Now that summer is here in full swing and yard work is the order of the day (or weekend at least) I'm working pretty hard around the house with my free time, and sitting at my desk at work for the rest of the time. That's kind of tough on a old body like mine! I'll get done mowing the lawn and pulling weeds and cleaning the garage and washing the car and go over and beg my wife to rub my back. Of course, she'll maybe do it, after she finishes in the garden, making dinner and doing laundry, but is that fair to ask her? No. No it probably is not. She's as tired and sore as me, or maybe more, as she gets up early to run while I sleep most mornings. So that brings me back to my point. Its amazing how we'll let our level of physical comfort slide because it just doesn't seem right to do something nice for yourself without it being a special occasion. Well I'm starting to realize I work hard and I should have a few rewards along the way to keep my morale high as I work at the various things that require my attention. That's why the next chance I get, I'm booking some time for a sweet massage at Creative Wellness Holistic Health Center in East Lansing.

I went there for a massage when my wife got me a gift card for my birthday a few years ago. That's literally the last time I got a massage. Not cool right? C'mon B, be better to yourself! Sure I say, okay, twist my arm, fine, I'll get another massage. The prices are fair and after an hour of total relaxation you'll feel like a new man or woman, ready to take on all that life brings with a full tank of energy and vigor. Right now, I'm running on fumes. I hope I can make it to Creative Wellness.

See you there! find out more information at www.creativewellness.net.

PS - What's this I hear about baby massage? How does a baby need a massage? All that stress from a full-time job and the wear and tear of tons of yard work? Hmm - I was born in the wrong generation. I don't think anyone was massing babies int he 70's.