Why do people play golf? What’s the attraction? Is it the mental challenge? Is it the chance to relax and test your skills? Or is it the camaraderie? When it comes down to it, golf basically requires physicality, patience, critical thinking, determination and time. Plus probably a whole lot more. Here in Mid-Michigan, Greater Lansing offers great golf options and opportunities for extremely reasonable rates.

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The best way to know about local golf courses is to talk to local golfers who are frequent players. When you Golf Lansing Like A Local you tend to hit up all the local courses and end up with some favorites. We asked five questions to some friends who play together frequently and they agreed to share their opinions of some of the local courses. There's JAMES (mid to low handicapper 8-10 (78-84,) JASON (high handicapper 15-20 (85-95,) MARK (mid to low handicapper 8-10 (78-84) and DERRICK (low to mid handicap (75-84).) 

Which local course has the best birdie opportunities?

JAMES    Groesbeck GC - Challenging course but playable and will yield multiple birdies if your ball striking is on.  
JASON    Forest Akers East
MARK      Forest Akers East
DERRICK   Groesbeck Golf Course

Which course in Greater Lansing has the best greens? 

JAMES    Forest Akers West GC - Big Ten Tournament level golf and the greens are always smooth and consistent. 
JASON    College Fields
MARK      The Emerald
DERRICK   Hawk Hollow

What's your favorite course in Greater Lansing?

JAMES     Groesbeck GC - It's affordable, not too long (yardage wise) and offers a stiff challenge for the above-average golfer.      Why? So many memories here playing golf with my three sons learning this great game of golf.  The course is moderately priced, making it a great family outing.     Favorite hole? Hole # 2 (short dog leg left par 5), great scoring whole yielding potentially a eagle/birdie if you land your ball in the correct position off the tee box and hit a good second shot.   
JASON      Eagle Eye     Why? The fact of how simple it looks, but yet it's challenging.    Favorite hole? #17 because it replicates the famous Island Green.
MARK       Groesbeck      Why? It's both fun and challenging.      Favorite hole? #18 You've got to hit a good shot off the tee to score.
DERRICK     Eagle Eye     Why? Great course set up.      Favorite hole? #17 because it's challenging.

What's your favorite driving range?

JAMES     Forest Akers East GC, Massive putting surface, large all year-round driving range with heaters, short game facility.
JASON      Forest Akers
MARK        Forest Akers
DERRICK     DeWitt Golf Center

What’s the craziest hazard you’ve encountered on a Greater Lansing course?

JAMES     Royal Scott GC Hole # 12 par 3, the hole has two greens and plays anywhere from 145yards to 206 yards with a wetlands hazard that runs all the way up to the green with a small landing area of about 20 yards directly in front of the green.  It is a long par 3 hole that requires the golfer to hit the green or clear the hazard and chip onto the green to attempt to salvage par, it’s a tough hole. 
JASON      Back yards on #2 at College Fields, they DO NOT like it when you go looking for your ball.

Hawk Hollow Golf Hole Number 17
GLCVB Member Courses

College Fields, Eagle Eye Golf Club, Eldorado, Forest Akers East and West, Grand Ledge Country Club, Groesbeck Golf Course, Hawk Hollow Golf Course, Ironwood Links, Royal Scot Golf and Bowl, The Emerald, The Falcon Golf Course, Timber Ridge Golf Club and Woodside Golf Course.

For more Greater Lansing golf options visit: https://www.lansing.org/things-to-do/golf/ 

Photo Credits: Tom Gennara, Hawk Hollow Golf Properties

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