New Year's Eve Events in Lansing

Cheers for New Years!

New Year's Eve is a fun part of the holiday season to me because its just plain fun - Not fun like christmas (which is fun but also stressful, expensive, messy, etc.) - New Year's Eve is more of just a big party. you get to surround yourself with loved ones, look back at the previous year and start thinking about the year to come. I know for me, I can look back at 2011 and think about some fun times, big successes, as well as some tough times and challenges. The new year ahead always seems so full of promise. You haven't made any mistakes yet and always have the best of intentions for personal growth, maybe saving more money, making new commitments to improvement, and of course, losing some weight. I also think its fun and romantic that you start the year off with a kiss. Now whether that kiss happens in a bumpin' nightclub or at your home with the kids running around in their pajamas excited to be up at midnight - that's up to you. God knows there are a million options for a night out for New Year's in Greater Lansing. You can either do kind of a crawl and go to a few favorite places, or get in on a New Year's Eve party at a favorite specific bar/restaurant or do something I think is really fun and get in on a Hotel Package that gives you a party atmosphere, food, drinks and lodging for the night all for one price! This is fun if its just you and your significant other OR as a family. A little food, some drinks, access to a pool and/or jacuzzi, some dancing, your room right there on site so you don't have to brave the roads then a late check out and free breakfast when you finally wake up New Year's Day - not bad, eh?Check the PACKAGES section of this websitetofind out about some amazing local offerings for a night out on New Year's Eve. 2011 is about behind us and 2012 stands before us, brand new and full of promise - Start it off with a bang right here in Greater Lansing! Cheers!