As a fan of stories in general and funny scenarios carried out before my eyes I've always been a fan of plays. I especially like them when they have a humorous plot-line or intriguing title. Well, both of those things come into play (ha ha) with the performance coming up at Starlight Theatre in Greater Lansing this week (March 16-24), called Let's Murder Marsha. Nice, see? Just right there, because of the title, my interests are aroused. Here's the scenario:

Marsha spends too much time reading murder mysteries and lets her imagination go wild when she overhears a conversation leading her to believe that family members are planning to murder her. Her attempts to turn the tables on the would-be murderers only leads to more confusion! A broad, fast, non-stop comedy!

Sounds pretty good, right? I thought so too - You know what's even better? Starlight Theatre is DINNER theater, so while you watch the fun play, your mouth and stomach have some fun too, because you get to eat! Maybe its because I'm super hungry as I write this, but here's the menu for the show, and it sounds awesome.

Dinner includes: grilled marinated chicken breast, vegetarian lasagna, California medley vegetables with cheese sauce, garlic toast, tossed salad, pineapple upside down cake, assorted pies and carrot muffins.

How great is that? A fun and entertaining play and a rockin meal, with dessert and the whole bit. While you treat yourself to a meal, treat your mind to something new, creative and totally funny by local performers. Please accept this invitation to step back a bit from main-stream entertainment options likemainstream TV (sorry Snookie and the Orange County Choppers guy),hollywoodmovies and all the ballyhoo on the internet and watch the craft of acting in its most pure form, live on the stage. Your imagination, and in this case, your stomach, will surely thank you for it.

Find out more information on this performance by using the info below! Let's Murder Marsha - Starlight Dinner Theatre March 16, 2012 - March 24, 2012 (Every Friday, Saturday) Location: Waverly East Intermediate School Address: 3131 W. Michigan Avenue, Lansing, MI 48917 Times: Dinner at 6:30 PM, Show at 7:30 PM Admission: Varies 517-243-6040