Public Observing Nights at the MSU Observatory

View of the Moon from MSU Observatory

See the moon like never before

If you're like me you wonder a bit about everything going on around you. Everything from the comings and goings of little ants, to the countless miles and stars in the sky. We think ants are small, and we're big, but lets face it, in the big picture, we're all small - teenie tiny actually. If you want a reminder of just how small we are (and believe it or not its actually quite a liberating feeling - the universe does NOT depend on you! Whew, right?) you've got to take a peek at the heavens through the huge telescope at the Observatory on the campus of Michigan State University.

My family and I went and did this once and the kids loved it. With the power of this huge telescope, you can see details on the moon like you wouldn't believe, not to mention stars, the Milky Way and more. If the weather is clear from now until April 19 from 9:30 pm to 11 pm you can go over to the observatory at the corner of Forest and College Roads in East Lansing and check it out. I know I'll be there. when I went last time I was mad because when it was my turn to look through the big telescope a huge cloud covered the moon and I didn't get to see it. Good thing for me, the moon isn't going anywhere.

Like I said, the heavens are calming, and remind us we are all just dust in the wind. Ooh, Kansas reference - Nice. Get out to the observatory if the night is clear, you'll be glad you did!

MSU Observatory March 18, 2012 - April 19, 2012 Location: Michigan State University Observatory Address: Corner of Forest and College Roads, East Lansing, Times: From: 9:30 PM to 11:00 PM Admission: Free 355-4676

If the sky is sufficiently clear, the MSU observatory will open its doors for public observing. The MSU 0.6 meter telescope will be set-up for viewing on selected astronomical objects throughout the evening. Also, smaller telescopes are set up in the observatory parking lot, with both local area and MSU astronomers on hand to answer questions.