The first-ever Michigan State University Science Festival starting this Friday, April 12th through April 21st, is poised to be a wildly successful one-of-a-kind event hoping to ignite curiosity and education for all attendees, from child to adult.


MSU Science Festival  Lansing, MI

Ready to get your learn on? The power of science at Michigan State opens its doors to those looking to ignite their minds.

Kicking off Friday at the Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center the Science Fest has over ten tours and open houses that takes attendees through numerous scientific hot spots within MSU (The National Superconducting Cycletron to the Bug House to name a few) showcasing science and technology across various formats, from molecular to botany to entomology to the changing world of recycling. There will be hands-on activities, presentations, lectures, demonstrations and discussions about science and its changing face for the next generation. There's something for everyone, from teens to children, adults and seniors. All that I previously mentioned plus astronomy, robotics, zoology are all going to be featured with the ultimate goal of presenting science as fun, exciting and something to fuel curiosity. With Michigan State as the backdrop, how can this venture fail? Get out and explore science at this first-ever MSU Science Festival and find out just how much you don't know about the amazing world around you.

The full schedule of events with all the details and specifics can be found online at