Residents of the Midwest work hard for spring. Other places around the country kind of don’t understand. It literally takes physical effort to remain positive, upbeat and productive when it’s really pretty cold from November into April. For that reason, when Spring break arrives, even if it’s not fantastic weather outside yet, we feel the drive to play. Get creative this Spring Break in Greater Lansing and plan a stay-cation that will have your whole family smiling. Some time together will go a long way toward improving morale as we make the final push into warm weather. Listen to the call to stop your busy schedule and just play with your family. From some fun at a local hotel pool, to some special dining out at a favorite restaurant to a sweat-breaking indoor activity like Zap Zone or an all-out learn-a-thon at the Impression 5 Science Center a very special day awaits you.

You don’t have to leave town to get out of your rut and make time to play, you just have to listen to the call – and then act!