Golf in Michigan’s capital region includes a great array of courses that offer opportunities for every level of golfer at affordable prices. Golfers appreciate the up north feel at Timber Ridge, take pride at a Big Ten university golf team’s home course at Forest Akers and hold the municipal course at Groesbeck close to their heart. Locals feel that every one of Lansing’s courses offers it’s own challenges and rewards.

We all know that golf teaches life lessons and sportsmanship. Respect, honesty, self-control and respect are all terrific skills that can be acquired by playing this game.  Benefits of golf include better cardiovascular health especially if you walk the course. By keeping your heart rate up, it lowers your risk for heart disease as well as potentially lowering cholesterol levels. The idea that regularly playing golf possibly making you live longer is a great incentive.

By supporting our local golf courses, we are supporting not only open green spaces but also activities that are beneficial to our health and wellbeing and our community as a whole.