Today, September 4th, is the first day of school after a long, fun and hot summer vacation. Gone are the days of sun and fun all day and staying up late watching TV and hanging out with friends. Today, in my house for example, the kids got up at 6 a.m. for the first time in months. A tough pill to swallow, for certain. What I'm here to say though is back to school does not have to be all reading, writing and arithmetic. Back to school does not have to mean that fun is done until late May next year. Going back to school does not mean you close your eyes to the fun all around us every day. Okay, maybe now we're forced to weekends and evenings but I beg of you, don't get into a one-track nose-to-the-grindstone mentality, blind to all the fun available throughout Greater Lansing.

Fall is a great time to enjoy some of my very favorite Greater Lansing attractions. From Uncle Johns Cider Mill to The Country Mill to Michigan State Football fall is backed with great opportunities for fun. Fall also has some super cool festivals and events, totally unique to Michigan's Capital Region. Get out to our surrounding communities for special events like the Apple Butter Festival, Boo at the Zoo, Old Town OktoberFest and, yes, eventually Silver Bells in the City and the Old Town Dickens Village.

Okay, yes, back to school means we've had our 4th of July fireworks, we've had our season of Lugnuts baseball, Common Ground is long over and the Cristo Rey fiesta is a distant memory. But the fun doesn't have to stop when the school bell rings. Keep looking for fun things to see and do in Greater Lansing the whole year long. How can you find out about all these great things? Check out Things to Do in Lansing Michigan and our awesome mobile app available at

What I'm saying is take a summer approach to your fall. In summer the word of the day is, what are we going to do this weekend, or later today. Where should we go? Don't let school being in session stop that attitude of keep looking for opportunities to get out, explore, have fun and discover all the amazing things around you.