Lansing Visitors Guide

The new Greater Lansing Visitor Guide is out, and if you don't check it out, you're missing out!

No matter if you are visiting Greater Lansing for the first time, or you're a life-long resident you don't always know whats going on around the community. New events, new restaurants, new stores pop up while you're busy. You might be staying in East Lansing and a restaurant you'd die for is in downtown Lansing. What I'm saying is when you're not in the know, you miss things. And its no fun to miss things. In fact that is one pet peeve I have for traveling because you don't know the area that well, you could be doing something expensive and only kind of fun, when something right up your alley is just a few streets away. Arm yourself with knowledge and pick up the recently completed, hot-off-the-presses 2014 Greater Lansing Visitor Guide. It's a guide offering a ton of great info for visitors and residents alike. Magazine-style factoids reveal dont miss suggestions, tips from local insiders and we love testimonials from people that really know and love the area. Find out about a restaurant before you go there! Want to go shopping? Find out that there is a mall close to your hotel and another one just a few miles down the road as well. Along with the brand new Visitor Guide is our award winning mobile app! A free download to your smart phone, this mobile app leverages GPS communication technology to make having fun easier than ever before. Use the mobile app to find out about whats nearby, what local restaurants have on the menu and even get deals and discounts for places throughout the area. We like to call it the guide-on-the-go. Greater Lansing is as great as always but in some ways better than ever? Want to find out why? Well, I'm not going to tell you. Find out for yourself! Pick up the brand new 2014 Greater Lansing Visitor Guide and download the Greater Lansing mobile app today!