Feeling "Scroogy" in Greater Lansing?

A co-worker of mine admitted she was feeling "scroogy" so far this holiday season. I thought maybe she, as well as anyone else who cares to read this, could use a little holiday pep talk, so here goes.

Christmas is a tricky time That comes just once a year Full of lines and bills and stress And traditions we hold dear

Lansing Michigan Christmas Spirit

It's easy to feel like Ebeneezer Scrooge when Christmas gets stressful. Well, this poem says, Christmas is what you make it, so keep your chin up.

While some are singing deck the halls And trimming up the tree Others are doing not so well And feeling stressed like me

All the planning and logistics Can really drive you nuts As you plan the perfect Christmas Amidst big budget cuts

Traveling distances to see family And spending all you've saved "This year I'll have more fun" Last year you rant and raved

But things aren't turning out that way We've got rain instead of snow Your wife is headed to the mall And you don't want to go

Just remember this advice my friends When the Christmas stress gets hot The day is what you make of it Perfectly planned or not

Nothing will go just how you want So forget about that right now Yes, you'll spend a ton of money Try not to have a cow

Your attitude is all you have So keep an open mind Let things roll off your back And remember to be kind

Christmas isn't complicated Its us that makes it so Keep the seasons message simple And you will feel its glow

It's not the gifts or food we have That makes this season shine Its the love we show for others and family yours and mine