Lansing Michigan Golf at Little Hawk

Play 18 holes at Little Hawk and I promise, you won't shank a single drive 20 yards deep into the woods. Yeah!

Hello, my name is Brendan and I'm a non-golfer. <<Insert drowsy unison reply here: "Hi Brendan">> Okay, I'm not in a formal support group for being basically a total non-golfer, but I sometimes feel like I should be. In so many ways I fit the avid-golfer stereotype so perfectly. I'm a sports-minded guy, late thirties, often wear a polo shirt and Dockers, I know the lingo and all the local courses. Heck, I even have clubs. Despite all that, the fact remains, unlike nearly every other late thirties male professional around I am not a regular golfer. And after some counseling, YES, (gulp) I'm strong enough to admit it, I even turn down opportunities to play in golf outings even when my schedule permits and my boss (who is a good golfer) would for sure be cool with me playing. Why, you ask? How could I turn down this opportunity for sporty recreation and networking? Um, how about because I'm just not that good?! Sure I can hit seven or eight good shots each time out, but that is simply not enough, lets not kid each other. Nothing worse than standing over your shot, looking down at the ball, with your boss and a few other business colleagues with you, and you just know you're going to shank it - big time.

Also I think it takes too long to play a round. Maybe it's because when I learned to play golf, I always played with my Dad and we not only always drove a cart, but just played nine holes. Either way, the truth is yes, despite how I look, or what you might guess, I'm cool to turn down opportunities to play 18 long holes of golf. Now don't get me wrong. I'm not saying I don't like golf, and I'm far from hating it like some people do. I like it okay, I just am kind of terrible at it and don't have the money and time to practice. That's why something like Little Hawk at Hawk Hollow is just perfect. You get the fun of golf, minus a lot about golf I can do without. It's an all natural bentgrass putting course, so that fact that you don't own a $500 driver with a head the size of a pumpkin won't come into play here. Plus, Little Hawk is just one of two natural putting courses in the state, so its cool to have right here in Greater Lansing! Don't be confused though. This is no goofy golf where you've got to putt off beat-up green turf into a clown's mouth. It's a real and natural scenic sculpted landscape complete with sand traps, cool bridges and water hazards. Best part? Playing time is about an hour and 15 minutes. Play with grown-ups and enjoy a beer or glass of wine or bring the whole family and show junior the finer points of putting on real greens. Heck, maybe when he grows up he'll be the golfer you always wanted to be. So, for my daily affirmation: My name is Brendan. I'm an adult male professional-type - and I'm not a big golfer...and that's "OK". Whew, I feel better now. And thanks Little Hawk. You have taken golf and shrunk it down to something that I can still enjoy. Who's up for a game!

Little Hawk at Hawk Hollow

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