A few months ago, I posed a question to my social media contacts. I took a risk, because the answer to this question was very important to me. The response was a real thrill.

I asked my event professional social media contacts to sum up, in a word, just one tiny little word, what do they think of Convention and Visitor Bureaus. That's a tough ask I know because the range of professional experience with these planners is vast. I wondered if some of them might not know as much about the offerings of a CVB as the others. As a CVB employee I know how I want to be seen, but you never know until you ask. Here's what you said - CVB's Are:

Resourceful      Helpful      Invaluable     Beneficial      Priceless      Partnership      Resourceful      Partners      Compassion      Honorable      Essential      Conductor      Awesome

Here's local event professional Kristen Taylor with Ngage Association Management to share her thoughts:

As a sales manager of the Greater Lansing Convention and Visitors Bureau I am thrilled to hear that event planners across the state see CVB's as such a helpful entity because that's truthfully at the heart of what we do. We want you to choose our destination because we believe in it and when you do choose Greater Lansing, we're going to work our tail off to make sure it’s the best event you've ever planned. From tips and strategies up front to being right by your side during the planning process to helping with surveys and wrap-up and the end of your event, the CVB is there, like an extension of your own staff, as focused on the event as you are.

I want to work more closely with you and help you have incredible events, right here in Michigan's Capital city. Let's get to work!

Brenda Haight