There are flashier places, thats for sure.

As a lifelong resident of Greater Lansing, Michigan I know that as well as anyone. In fact, I'll even admit you can go on for quite a while about all the things this community is not. Let me say a little something though about what Greater Lansing Michigan is. It is authentic, it is real and it is full of real people with real lives and all that brings. Sometimes that isn't pretty and its not always glamorous. Everyday life tends to be that way but that doesn't mean that everyday life is without great moments, and bright shining lights of real humanity. After all, I think there is a lot more to a life well lived than glitz and glam, don't you? Yes, much like a person from a small town, it has been said that the community of Greater Lansing suffers from a low self-esteem. That is to say, we're better than we think we are. Well if that's true, this video shows it. It also shows something else - that no matter what we are here in Michigan's Capital City, we're a place that can care for each other and the community we live in, and that's saying a lot. There is something however that absolutely must be recognized about Lansing that is tough to put into words. Luckily the amazing firefighters at Lansing's Fire Station #1 at the corner of Grand and Shiawassee show us with their actions. I thought I was proud of Greater Lansing before, but after seeing this I want everyone in the world to be a little more like these firefighters from my hometown. Watch this clip from the July 8, 2012 CBS Sunday Morning program and see that while there are flashier places,Greater Lansing is worth its weight in gold.

CBS Sunday Morning, July 8, 2012