Whodoesn'tlove to receive a present of food or drink? For the recipient, its the gift of instant gratification and something thatdoesn'tsit upon a shelf mocking you to dust it. In addition, you have the option of squirreling it away to enjoy all by yourself, or sharing it with your friends and family. For me, well, it depends on the food item. If its chocolate, delicious chocolate, well then, my friends and family may not even knowI'vereceived it because I won't share. It may (or may not) be hidden in the secret kitchen cabinet that everyone else thinks holds the gravy boat and occasional-not-often-used dishes and that you need a chair or small ladder to access. But if its wine, then I feel thats an all-play item. My mother always told me never to drink alone.

Anyway, thats enough about me. Heres a nice list of Lansing-made items that I would love to receive. Oops, I mean that one of your friends or family would love to receive.

  1. Holiday Gift Ideas in Greater Lansing MichiganCravings Popcorn. With all of the flavors available, its hard to go wrong with this gift. And its super lightweight so the shipping cost is minimal. Pair it with a great movie andyou'vegot an awesome gift pack.
  2. Fabiano's Candies.Seriously, whodoesn'tlove chocolate? I like to think they dress like elves in the back of Fabiano's while theyre hand dipping those cherries. Think of it as an early Valentine gift to those you love.
  3. The Peanut Shop. Someone told me nuts have a good kind of cholesterol lowering power. And theyre delicious. Guilt-free however you look at it. Enough said.
  4. Hills Cheese. Dont know your goudas from your fontinas? Hills will let you taste test before your purchase and will help you with your choices. Find them at the Lansing City Market and tell the cute boy behind the counter that I sent you, okay?
  5. Paramount Coffee. With my office located near the roasting plant, I get to smell that coffee being prepared so I know first-hand how fresh it is. Pair it with a cute travel mug to delight the coffee lover.
  6. Holiday Gift Ideas in Greater Lansing MichiganSweetie-licious Pie. Well, pie. Most folks love pie. But I think that if everyone tried Sweetie-licious pie, then everyone would love pie. And they will ship it for you. However, I think you should head up to DeWitt to get the full experience of Lindas shop.
  7. Burgdorfs Wine. Ifyou'vegot a Spartan fan on your list, then I would suggest their Spartan White. Made from MSU grapes, its light and fresh. Bundle it with some of the Hills cheese, cashews from the Peanut Shop, throw in some crackers for good measure andyou'vegot a little party in a basket.

So there you are. Dont say that you dont know what to get me (or someone) for Christmas. You can just leave it on the doorstep.