So Im thinking about getting out of town one of these weekends. You know, a weekend getaway to see what some other cities are all about and spread my wings a bit. But I hate missing a hometown event here in Greater Lansing. Theres nothing I like better than to run into old and new friends and enjoy my city and all it has to offer in a comfortable, relaxed setting. When I checked out the calendar for this weekendholy festival-palooza! This upcoming weekend is going to keep me busy, busy, busy. Why go somewhere else when I can be thoroughly entertained here?

You know how Greater Lansing boasts over 60 festivals and claims to be the Festival Capital of Michigan? Well, Im here to say thats probably true. Ready? On your mark, get set, go!

  1. Festival of the Moon Hello, beer tasting and dancing on a Friday night. And in Old Town to boot. Its one of my happy places to be.
  2. Festival of the Sun Hello, wine tasting and dancing on a Saturday afternoon or evening. And in Old Town. Enough said.
  3. Grand Ledge Yankee Doodle Days Back to my old stomping grounds, complete with a parade (of course, because Grand Ledge has the best parades).
  4. Eaton Rapids Dam Festival I need to get out to this festival in Michigan. Eaton Rapids is a must-see, cute little town, and the festival celebrates all the local dams.
  5. Olds Homecoming Find this great car gathering at the State Secondary complex down by Dimondale. Think everything Oldsmobile with great cars and an even better vendor space. This is Lansings automotive history coming home to celebrate.
  6. East Lansing Summer Solstice Jazz Festival I love a good Jazz festival in Michigan. You'll feel a lot closer to New Orleans when you parade from Broad to Ann Street Plaza. Complete with parasols and silliness. Count me in.

Okay, Im probably missing something, but frankly, Im exhausted just thinking about this.

Next weekends lineup is a little less jam-packed, but it's still a fun weekend to stay in town with Delta Rocks family fun festival and Lansing Beerfest in REO Town. There always seem to be plenty of festivals in Michigan. So Ill postpone my getaway till theres a lull in activities. Wait. Will I have to wait until after Spartan football season is over?

Did you know that Greater Lansing offers over 150 things to dowith only 48 hours in a weekend? The clock is ticking! And it includes a lot more than just the amazing festivals in Michigan. Download the LAN150 Bucket List to get started.