There are a lot of different types of Dads. You've got your quiet Dads, your loud and crazy Dad, your "fix-it" Dad, the "pay-someone-else-to-fix-it" Dad, and on and on and on. While there are a bunch of different types of dads they are all one thing - very important. Our dad teaches us so much. Not just how to change a tire or do long division, but how a real man should act, how a man should treat his wife, how a man sacrifices for his family. Father's Day is a time to spend a day, or even part of a day, saying thanks to Dad for all he does and showing him that you picked up a thing or two from him over the years. Spending Father’s Day in Greater Lansing? We have a special webpage put together for gift ideas for Dad and ideas for things to do in town on the special day. Maybe clean Dad up with a nice new outfit? Or spend a day on the links followed by a few beers at a local craft brewery? Bowling? Grab a movie and an amazing steak? The options are all there. You know your Dad, show him a good time, but more importantly, show him you love him.