Summer in Michigan is a special time for a lot of reasons but if you happen to be a golfer, it’s pretty much paradise. Warm sunny days and cool nights make for premium conditions on the 30 or so courses within the Greater Lansing area and depending on the type of course you like and the amount of money in your pocket, you can be playing a round of golf with your friends in no time flat.

Take some time and investigate the courses in Greater Lansing by checking out this special page all about Greater Lansing golf. Whether its Eagle Eye, Timber Ridge, Hawk Hollow or one of the other great local courses my recommendation to you is to make a weekend of it. That’s right. Pick two golf courses, and play one on the Friday and then go out to eat and spend the night in town and then wake up bright and early and play the other course the next day. It really takes two days and at least 36 holes to get the bug for golfing in Greater Lansing out of your system. This special page shows not only the golf options in town, but will also shed light on other fun things to do, great places to grab a bite and a beer and top options for lodging as well.

Lastly I like to remind people that the love for the game of golf is all that matters. You don’t have to be a scratch golfer or the next Arnold Palmer to spend your weekends out on the links. Great golfers become that way through lots and lots of practice so it only stands to reason that some of us bring a game to the course that is...less than perfect. It honestly doesn’t matter your skill level; the minute you step onto one of these fine golf courses in Michigan's Capital City you're going to feel like you're on vacation. And if you shoot 12 on one hole and 5 putt, just put it behind you and know there is always another hole ahead with a chance to improve. Check out this video to see what I mean. You don't need to be perfect, its being out there that’s great and I'll even make you a bet. I bet even if you play a bad round, you'll hit just enough good shots to bring you back again.


Grab your clubs and call a friend. It’s time to golf Greater Lansing.