If you've been an adult and single for even a small amount of time, you've been on at least one bad date. On both sides of the game, the guys and the ladies know this story. He won't shut up, she wont say a word. He forces a fistful of coupons on you, or she spends an hour trying to decide what to get. Either way its not a ton of fun and can ruin an evening. It leaves you with that frustrating feeling of, "whats wrong with me?" and "Back to the drawing bored." But its not always terrible from start to finish. Have you ever been on a bad date but had an incredible meal? That is to say, your ordered entree ends up BECOMING your date because it collects all your interest and is the one thing saving you from heading out the door of the restaurant at full speed? Everyone's been there, and the key to this saving grace of a bad date is choosing a great restaurant. Luckily there are just a ton of great restaurants in Greater Lansing to choose from, so no matter how bad your date is, your love affair with good food can go on strong. Heck its sometimes worth a bad date for a great meal. Just consider the antics that occur on the date part of your life's ever-growing gag reel.

Greater Lansing prides itself on fantastic restaurants - setting up a fantastic date is on you.

Thanks to our awesome partner Bordeaux, located in the Crowne Plaza Lansing West, for the beautiful backdrop for this video. Get over there and check out their amazing food and unique upscale environment!