A journey into history is like going back in time. It's a rich exploration through experience and humanity that will both educate and entertain. No, you cant change the past when you explore this way, but you can change your thoughts on history itself and how you view mankind and its passionate and personal journey forward into...the future. Wow. Heavy stuff. But a lot of fun, as you're sure to find out. Interested? Read on!

Some weekend this winter, get your significant other and any kids you enjoy (maybe yours, maybe your sisters kids, whatever) and get to downtown Lansing to explore the State Capitol Building and the Michigan Historical Museum. Dont be scared to come downtown because of parking! Metered parking on the street is free on weekends and there are numerous parking ramps adjacent to these great downtown attractions. For the first time in over a decade the State Capitol is open for guided tours on Saturdays. Take advantage of this awesome way to see this state showpiece! The tour guide will point out amazing things you never knew even if you've seen the Capitol before. So take your time, enjoy every inch of the fully-restored Victorian era treasure and then hit Washington Square for an amazing lunch at Troppo or Los Tres Amigos. After a bite, head back to your hotel for a swim in the pool and to talk about all the cool things about the big important building where state laws are made.

The next day when your feet are rested and your mind is clear, open your senses up to the State Historical Museum. With free admission on Sundays a family can explore every inch of this multi-floor Michigan experience and find out everything there is to know about Michigan from our proud logging heritage, to key individuals who helped along the way to tough times to the auto boom and much much more. Watch and see how our state has changed and how it has stayed awesome. Its honestly like going back in time - except you dont have to worry about running into your younger self and disrupting the space/time continuum. Good luck space travelers!