Lake Lansing Band Shell Summer Music

The Lake Lansing Band Shell is a great way to spend a summer evening in Greater Lansing.

Summer is short and sweet. Full of wonderful, comfortable and beautiful things that are as fleeting as a cool refreshing breeze. You've got to take advantage of every possible opportunity to enjoy this time of year with gentle temps and lots of fun outdoor events and activities. One of the things you absolutely must check out in Greater Lansing this summer is the environment, sounds and scene at the Lake Lansing Community Band Shell Friday Night Concerts. The cost to attend is free but the memories you can make are priceless. Located in the charming neighboring community of Haslett, the Lake Lansing South Park is set along-side the areas biggest inland lake, and offers lots of great spots to sit and enjoy. While the music is always good it is also a great place to people watch. Nearly every age from babies to grandma can be seen enjoying the environment which can only be described as classic Americana. This Friday at 7 p.m. sharp the Meridian Community Band will be playing some classic American tunes as well as some staunch patriotic numbers, symbolic as we approach the Fourth of July.

For more information about the Lake Lansing Community Band Shell visit their facebook page, and trust me, if you attend, you'll do a lot more than "like" it - you'll become a big fan, just like me. After all, this is our time for summer. Our time for warm weather, green grass, the sound of music and a panorama of trees, water and smiling faces. The concerts go on every Friday throughout the summer, but be sure to get out this Friday for the Meridian Community Band. It's free music in a sweet summer setting, don't miss out.

June 28, 2013

Patriotic Meridian Community Band Venue: Lake Lansing Parks Address: Marsh Road and Lake Drive, Haslett, MI 48840 Times: 7 p.m. Admission: Free