Well we're just coming off the end of January 2015 - how is everybody doing on their New Year's resolution to lose weight? Are you doing pretty well, or have you already given up? Did you go three weeks without pizza and then end up going crazy on a stuffed-crust large with everything on it? Did you buy new running shoes and then decide they are just too cool looking to get dirty out there on the road? Did you enter into this with the best of intentions but then you had a bad day that had you headed home and in dire need of comfort food? Mac & Cheese, Meatloaf, hot creamy soup and a batting helmet full of Moose Tracks ice cream? We understand. Change is difficult and when we have a tough day, or its 8 degrees out, we find ourselves craving our favorite hot and delicious comfort foods. Warm, steamy, stick-to-your-ribs comfort foods. Am I right? Well, whether you're abandoning your diet resolution or you're sticking with your diet but are looking to use up some well earned "flex-points", Greater Lansing has some unique and wonderful spots serving comfort foods that not only hit the spot, but refuel your soul to get you back to work and taking on your busy life. Hey, here's something new for 2015! Check out or brand new Vlog (that stands for video blog. Ooooh - Fancy!) all about the many great comfort food options in Michigan's Capital City!