Arts and culture seem to come alive in the summer months, especially around Greater Lansing. From festivals and fairs to the at-large galleries in the area, unique artistic flair and creativity become the order of the day. Visitors and residents alike are invited to explore the artistic side of Michigan's Capital City and we just bet you're going to come away inspired. Numerous galleries found in Old Town, downtown Lansing and on the campus of Michigan State University offer a variety of exhibits, crossing numerous genres, sure to please your entire group. There are also one-of-a-kind pieces of art located here and there throughout the community in the form of outdoor art, wall murals and more.

Summer months mean of course its warm outside and more people are looking to enjoy leisure time. What better way than to explore the areas artistic side? Maybe it will bring out your artistic side as well? That's the societal function of art after all - to make us think, to bring us together and inspire us to find our own creative muse and share it with others. Art lives in Greater Lansing. Come explore.