Everyone loves movies, right? I think so. Pretty much everyone agrees that seeing a movie is great. What I have seen though is that while everyone loves film, WHAT they like or what they look for in a film is what's very different from person to person. One person will be in search of a movie that educates and inspires them with current issues and social injustice. Then that type of movie may stress another person out and they want a movie that takes them away from reality completely. Me? I just like a good story. Could be real, could be fantasy, could be any setting, time-period, genre and if I like the story and the characters, I'm in.

East Lansing Film FestThe most important thing you need to know about the film genre however is to keep an open mind and don't just eat from the big budget Hollywood feeding trough. Take some time to seek out the smaller, non-Hollywood creative work being done. If you only catch the movies that have huge transforming robots causing big explosions you'll miss some of the best work being done, I mean it. The point I'm making is there is work BEYOND Harold & Kumar's 3-D Christmas (thank God). In fact, if you can get to Greater Lansing this week, you'll be in for a real treat full of all kinds of film simply bursting with creativity and best of all - new ideas! What's in store you ask? Why it's the East Lansing Film Festival!

The East Lansing Film Festival (ELFF) is the largest and most diverse film festival in Michigan to screen independent and foreign feature, documentary, short and students films from around the world. The ELFF was created in 1997 in cooperation with the City of East Lansing and Michigan State University. Since then, ELFF has been dedicated to bringing quality foreign and independent films to the state of Michigan in order to expose our audience to diverse cultures, ideas, and creative works.

The 14th annual East Lansing Film Festival will take place November 9 through 17th, 2011.

The Lake Michigan Film Competition (LMFC) will also be held during the festival. This competition gives cash awards to the filmmakers whose film was at least one quarter filmed, produced, or financed in the states that border Lake Michigan Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. The categories for the awards are Feature, Long Documentary, Short Documentary, Short Film, Student Documentary, Student Narrative and Other Media.

This event will open your eyes to new ideas and new creative work being done. Yes, yes, you'll also still have your mainstream box office blockbuster favorites starring hugh Jackman and Megan Fox, but for November 9th through the 17th take the road less traveled and see what you learn, both about film and about yourself. Learn more at www.elff.com