October 10 through October 11, 2015 Venue: Lansing Center Address: 333 E. Michigan Ave., Lansing, MI 48933 Times: 10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. Admission: See website for information Visit Website

Tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur

Get up-close-and-personal with these beasts of the past and learn what made them tick at "Discover the Dinosaurs!"

Looking for kid friendly events in Michigan? Do you want your family to enjoy learning about the history and science behind nature's fiercest creatures? Get up-close-and-personal with these beasts of the past and learn what made them tick at Discover the Dinosaurs!

Peoples obsession with the giant lizards that ruled the Earth millions of years ago can be seen in books, movies, toys, t-shirts you name it. People, especially children it seems, have gone Dino-Crazy. Well, have you heard about one of the most interactive, dino-themed kid friendly events in Michigan? The exhibit that is every dinosaur lovers dream and is coming to the Lansing Center this weekend. Paleo-Nuts? Welcome to Discover the Dinosaurs!

Discover the Dinosaurs is for the entire family, but especially the kids. Attendees explore the mystery of pre-historic life in an environment of learning, discovery, and fun. Yes, this unique hands-on exhibit consists of about 40 moving and replica museum quality dinosaurs, which gives you the opportunity to actually get up close and personal with the prehistoric creatures. You can even touch the dinosaurs! Beyond the exhibit, additional fun activities are available for kids of all ages, which makes spending the day with the dinosaurs stand out amongst all of the fantastic kid friendly events in Michigan and a great experience for the entire family.

The goal of Discover the Dinosaurs is to create a fun environment of learning and activity that explores the wonderment and mystery of the dinosaur-era. Once you enter through the stone arch, the adventure begins that is full of smiles, amazement and fun.

What can you expect to see? Some of the dinosaurs in the exhibit come to life with sound and movement. By a push of a button, YOU control the motion of many of the animatronic dinosaurs. This interactivity delights many young guests and gives them an opportunity to learn while making the dinos move, breathe, and even roar to life. You can even control the movement of their heads, arms, tails, and more by pressing the button on the display that corresponds to each body part. No matter what your age, this is a fun, kid friendly event in Michigan that is not typically found in museums.

Along with the animatronic dinosaurs in the exhibit that move, static dinosaur replicas are featured throughout the exhibit. The static dinosaur replicas are of museum quality and anatomically proportioned to reflect paleontologists' documented findings. Many of these replicas are positioned safely in the exhibit, so you can touch and feel them. This is encouraged and a cornerstone of the Discover the Dinosaurs experience.

Discover the Dinosaurs features a walk-through exhibit that consists of dinosaur scenes. Each scene is a depiction of dinosaurs from the period of time when they lived. The scenes engage you with sight, sound, and motion by using special lighting, sound effects, animatronics, and fog. The backdrops, rocks, flooring, and plant materials are designed to bring you back in time to a landscape where dinosaurs lived. These are just some of the features that are designed to spark imaginations at one of the most interactive kid friendly events in Michigan.

Ride on a dinosaurs back! Dig for fossils! Get your face painted! Draw a dinosaur! Play mini-golf! Get lost in the dino-maze and much more too.

Do you have a dinosaur fan in your life? Are you interested in kid friendly events in Michigan? Get to Discover the Dinosaurs! Its a family-fun event 65 million years in the making.

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PALEOMANIA:4.6 Billion Years of Fossil Historyis a traveling exhibit of fossil casts depicting thedevelopment of life on Earth--from the earliest invertebrate marine life through the Triassic, Jurassic and CretaceousAge of Dinosaurs(including fully-mounted skeletons) ending with mammals and human origins.

With NASA photographs of the Universe as a backdrop and seen in geological, chronological order, PALEOMANIA brings together into one exhibition some of the most exciting finds in the history of paleontology from over a century of global excavations!