While summer is a good time to soak up the sun, it’s also an opportunity to try new things! Most of us spend our summer days looking for a new hobby or way to spend our free time, so why not take advantage of the sunny weather outdoors?

Disc Golf is a leisurely sport that requires no previous experience to play. You can play alone or with a few friends, making it very flexible to your plans. Luckily, we have multiple parks in the Greater Lansing area that have disc golf courses and more onsite!

Burchfield Disc Golf
881 Grovenburg Rd. Holt, MI 48842
Did you know that Burchfield Park is Ingham County’s largest park? This park features two separate disc golf courses for park-goers to enjoy. The entirety of this beautiful park is a whopping 540 acres, filled with hiking/bike trails, fishing docks, recreational space, and more! So even if you aren’t in the mood to play a round of disc golf, there are plenty of other outdoor options at this venue!


Fitzgerald Park
133 Fitzgerald Park Dr. Grand Ledge, MI 48837
Although you’ll be surrounded by nature in any disc golf park,  Fitzgerald Park is an especially unique disc golf course. Located in the midst of 300-million-year-old rock formations, Fitzgerald Park is a gem of the Grand Ledge area. The park is 76 acres, featuring a skate park, picnic areas, and other recreational activities. So head on over to Fitzgerald Park, play a few rounds, and enjoy the historical rocky landscape of Grand Ledge.


Disc Golf Group
1275 Granger Meadows Ln. Lansing, MI 48906
These adjoining parks are not only open for year-round use, but make up 100 acres of endless, outdoor opportunity! For those who are looking for a shorter disc-golf game, Granger Meadows has an excellent 9-hole course, amongst a dozen other activities. Some of which include a sand volleyball court, two multi-purpose fields, and even a koi pond. No matter what you plan, Granger Meadows Park is guaranteed to serve as an amazing venue for an even better day out.


Disc Golf Cage by Trees
6380 Drumheller Rd. Bath, MI 48808
Being a non-profit organization whose mission is dedicated to preserving wildlife in Michigan, the Michigan Wildlife Conservancy is the perfect scenic space to spend your day. They offer miles of trails to hike, plenty of space to admire the surrounding nature, and so much more! Apart from their 9-hole disc golf course, they offer exciting actives such as a 3D archery course. Plus, after spending all day outdoors, you can relax at their Wildlife Pub and enjoy the view from their waterfront patio.


Disc Golf Action Shot
7835 E. Price Rd. Laingsburg, MI 48848
Sleepy Hollow State Park is over 2,600 acres large and includes a 410-acre lake, as well as nearly 200 modern campsites. Along with their disc golf course, this park includes activities such as swimming, kayaking, fishing, and even wildlife viewing spots. This site even boasts 14 miles of hiking and biking trails, along with 13 miles of horse trails.


Disc Golf & Friends

Whether you’re a professional disc golfer looking to play a couple rounds, or a first time disc thrower, these parks will be equipped with any possible activity you could wish for. No matter if it’s a rainy afternoon, or a perfectly sunny summer’s day, you’re guaranteed to have a fun time at any of these Greater Lansing parks. So grab your family, or a couple of friends, and spend an exciting day outside at any of these venues!



Photo Credits: Burchfield Park, Justin Honer, and Pixabay