Life can be tough. I mean it. In a million different ways, whether its bills or work or the kids or your health or that of a loved one, life has a way of getting you wired up, stressed out and put down. I know everything we hear tells us to keep our heads down, nose to the grindstone, keep working and things will get better. While that may be true, at least in part, I'm a firm believer in the notion that you bring a lot more energy to everything you do when you take the time to give your mind and spirit a break from constantly being in "super hard work and major productive" mode. Sometimes you get so focused on everything you have to handle you forget about some of the little things that are really very important. Like how about a laugh. When was the last time you enjoyed a deep hearty belly laugh? I bet its been a long time. Just because you're not a kid anymore doesn't mean you have to be serious all the time! For these reasons and many more I invite you all to get out and have a laugh at Lansing's Connxtions Comedy Club. That's right. Don't try and find some humor on an old re-run of FRIENDS and don't hope you just stumble across something humorous on You Tube, make a conscious effort to build some plans around the healing power of laughter. You, and everyone that has to put up with you when you're grumpy, will be glad that you did!

This Thursday, February 2nd, at 8 p.m. Comedian Manny Shields takes the stage and is sure to impress. He was a finalist in both the Jay Leno Comedy Competition and the Vail Comedy Competition as well. Connxtions is at 2900 N. East Street on Lansing's North side, up near Business 27. You're worth it; make it a priority to have some funny in your life.

Manny Shields Performing in Lansing, Michigan

Comedian Manny Shields

Manny Shields standup comedy February 02, 2012 - February 02, 2012 Venue: Connxtions Comedy Club Location: Connxtions Comedy Club Address: 2900 N. East St., Lansing, MI 48906 Times: 8:00pm Admission: $8.00 Contact: Frank Stevens 517-374-4242