Common Ground Music Festival Summer

Top 10 Things to do for a Classic #LoveLansing Summer - 1.) Attend Common Ground Music Festival

If you're a fan of the classic, outdoor, sun-shining, general admission big time crowd summer concert you've simply got to make your way to Greater Lansing for the Common Ground Music Festival. Held on the banks of the Lou Adado Riverfront Park, this awesome summer party brings big time acts, and big time variety to the Capital City for 6 awesome nights. Its a summer time mass of good, hard-working people, looking to hear some good music, have a few drinks and unwind from the crazy lives that seem to run us all. Great food vendors to even some cool shopping surrounds the venue itself, so you get not only a concert, but also a fun carnival feel. Its a great time to get away with your special someone, or get together with a large group of friends. What really makes Common Ground shine in my opinion though is the variety of the acts. Each night showcases a different genre, hoping to interest as many different patrons as possible. The good part is, is that if you have a wide variety of music you enjoy, you can take in several nights, or heck, take life in a big gulp and go to them all! This year's line-up covers a lot of bases with Meghan Trainor, Jane's Addiction, the Band Perry, Three Days Grace, Snoop Dogg and the Flaming Lips, just to name the biggies. There are also over a dozen smaller, yet very talented acts doing their thing either as warm ups, or on the slightly smaller stage.

Mostly what I love about Common Ground, having been a part of it for a lot of years now, is the environment inside the Common Ground venue. All the different types of music brings people from all walks together to let their collective hair down and simply take in the summer. You get in there, and you feel the sun on your shoulders, you see people laughing and talking together and everyones excited for the first sounds of magical musical instruments tuning up. You get in line for some grub and strike up a conversation with a couple in line and they tell you about how they saw Jane's Addiction 10 times back in the day or how the first time they ever danced was to a song by the Flaming Lips. Everyone that loves music has at least a few cool life stories to go along with them. You step up to the vendor and get a sandwich, a beer and a soft pretzel and you head to your friends, holding the spot on the blanket you keep in your car for summer occasions like this. You get back to your friends and you sit down and dig into your festival-style grub and catch up on the conversation. Before long, the acts are getting ready and you're set for a night to remember. These moments are why we have the energy and enthusiasm to go to work, get oil changes, pay bills and mow the lawn. We work for these moments of fun, and common Ground brings that fun like maybe nothing else in Lansing all summer. You've put in the work - time to blow off some steam. See you at Common Ground!

Meghan Trainor Jane's Addiction The Band Perry Three Days Grace Snoop Dogg The Flaming Lips

July 7-12, 2015