Music Festivals in Lanisng- Common Ground

There is so much to enjoy about Common Ground, just like there is so much to enjoy about Greater Lansing, Michigan.

When you are a fan of given place, you always want people to see it in a good light. That is how I feel about Greater Lansing. Having spent so much time here I love this community. But you see, I've had time to learn about all the little gems here and there and have special memories from various places all over town so for me Greater Lansing is an easy place to love. Even on a cloudy Tuesday in February, I know everything this area has to offer. Well, when someone first comes to Michigan's Capital City I want them to love it just like I do. To make sure they really get the feel I have grown to love, and really be won-over by this area, I always want them to see Lansing on its best day. Well right now we are in for a stretch of really great days for Greater Lansing as we celebrate the week-long Common Ground Music Festival. Now in its 14th year this 7-day downtown music fest showcases this community in a light that makes me really proud. Each night features a different genre of music and folks from all over pack Riverfront Park for a festival atmosphere that is truly second to none. Happy people carrying camp chairs can be seen headed toward their spots and chatting up the show from last night and looking forward to the performances to come. You've got big time partiers and you've got laid back music aficionados all there enjoying one big scene. My hometown throws this party, and its fun to see people come and have a great time. It's Common Ground, and to me, its Greater Lansing on its best day - the way I'd like an out-of-towner to see it - happy, high-energy and full of buzz. Lucky for you and me there is a lot of Common Ground left to go. Literally dozens of top-shelf performers and a bunch of great seats remain for the rest of the week. Here's your invitation, what are you waiting for get your tickets and get to Lansing for Common Ground, we'll be partying all week!