Youve heard the rumors. Youve read the reports. Chocolate has health benefits. Id like to accept any and all delightful chocolate research with a grain of salt (preferably sea salt) and a smidge of caramel.

Chocolate in LansingAn article on Huffington Post touts the following benefits:

  1. Chocolate Decreases Stroke Risk
  2. Chocolate Boosts Heart Health
  3. Chocolate Fills You Up (so you eat less)
  4. Chocolate May Fight Diabetes
  5. Chocolate Protects Your Skin
  6. Chocolate Can Quiet Coughs
  7. Chocolate Boosts Your Mood
  8. Chocolate Improves Blood Flow
  9. Chocolate Improves Your Vision
  10. Chocolate May Make You Smarter

Lansing Chocolate PartyIs this stretching the research a bit? Well, maybe so, but personally I find that chocolate makes me happy, which, in itself, is good enough for me. Here are a handful of sources of chocolate, parties and events that Greater Lansing has to offer in the upcoming days:

February 8 Le Chat Gourmet Culinary Arts Chocolate Workshop

February 12 Old Town Chocolate Walk

February 23 MSU Museums Chocolate Party

Find fabulous chocolate treats year-round at Fabianos Candies on E. Michigan Ave. Lansing.

There is more chocolate and sweet Valentines Day specials in the Lansing area.

All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt. Charles M. Schulz

There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate. Linda Grayson