Did you know that there are 14 artisan beverage makers in the Lansing area, with three additional breweries waiting in the wings to open their doors? Pick up one of the Greater Lansing Makers & Shakers brochures and find all you need to know about the growing made-in-Lansing *potent potable offerings.

Here's how it works.

  1. Pick up a Makers & Shakers brochure
    The brochure is really comprehensive. It not only has a list of all the local breweries, wineries and distilleries, but tells you when they’re open and whether or not they offer tours and/or tastings. It has a nice little map and also has a great list of where you can find Michigan craft beer served in the area. You can also discover upcoming Greater Lansing festivals celebrating wine and beer. Find the brochure with the handy-dandy stamp card attached at any of the participating venues.
  2. Discover great local beer
    Craft Beer
    When we start out we always want to hit all the breweries up, but I’ve found that after the second place, I just want to settle in and enjoy a great beer. There’s always tomorrow, right? Or next weekend. My suggestion: pick one side of town of one day, get a hotel room and then get to the others the next day. Ask for a tour when available and talk to the brewers. These folks are so knowledgeable and truly want to share their love of their specific craft with you. Check out these great Fall craft beers made right here in #lovelansing or sample the crisp and delicious hard ciders from local orchards. And don’t forget to get your Makers & Shakers card stamped at each location.

    3. Let the spirit move you
    When the perfect gimlet passes your lips, you know it. When you visit Greater Lansing’s distilleries, the cocktails are prepared using high quality, artisan-made, smooth spirits like gin, vodka whiskey and brandy. Truly, they’re a work of art. With locally sourced ingredients and dedicated mixologists, you’ll experience fresh, delicious drinks.
  3. There will be no whining in wine tasting
    Grab your best wine tasting friends and check out “A Moment in Wine” at Burgdorf’s boutique winery or sip and sample your way through Uncle John’s Fruithouse Winery. From grapes grown at Michigan State University and wine and hard cider tastings at Country Mill Farms, you’ll enjoy the beautiful rural views.
  4. Redeem your card
    If you have 10 or more stamps, turn it in for a fun little gift. The phrase “It’s the Journey not the Destination” does not necessarily ring true when you visit Lansing. Why? Because Lansing just has so much to see and do. And completing the beverage trail PLUS a gift is pretty awesome.
  5. So what’s next?
    Repeat as necessary. Go back to where you found your favorite craft beverage. It’s your journey with no structured stops or defined path. New places are added each year. Enjoy the artisan beverage trail at your leisure, at your speed, in Michigan’s capital region.


*A nod to my favorite Jeopardy category – I’ll take Potent Potables for 200, Alex.