Things to do in Greater Lansing Michigan

Whew! We did it! Another successful Be A Tourist event.Did you have fun??


Well, that's a wrap. Close the curtain on another successful Greater Lansing Be A Tourist In Your Own Town event, held last Saturday, June 1st. Stormy weather held off and curious folks from all over came out in droves to fill busses, local attractions and explore much-loved corners of the region with their special "day-of" events. Did you participate? If you did, awesome. I hope you had a great time and will be sure to be back for next year's big 20th anniversary edition of the event. You know what? Because we care so much about how much you like this event I'll even do you one better and ask you to personally get involved in making next year better for you and all attendees! Think you're up to it? Take this Be A Tourist Online Survey and let us know what you liked, and what you didn't like, so we can be sure to make next year bigger and better than ever. To say thanks for your completing the survey, we're putting names of those that complete the survey into a hat for a great big awesome Greater Lansing gift! Now, for those of you that didn't participate - why on earth not?! I mean its a dollar to play and transportation is covered for 50 cents! Don't say the weather, because since when could weather people ever really successfully predict the weather anyway?! This is Michigan, where we hope for the best and prepare for the worst! Well, your homework for not attending this year is to go back and read all my previous May 2013 blogs about how great Be A Tourist In Your Own Town is, so you get all excited for next year. Okay? Well, get reading - and again, if you were a participant this year, thanks for taking this super quick survey. It was our pleasure to show you around Michigan's Capital City - Don't be a stranger!