These are just a few of the amazing options at MEAT. Its more than a meat, carnivores, its a slow dance of flavors you'll remember forever.

These are just a few of the amazing options at MEAT. Its more than a meal, carnivores, its a slow dance of flavors you'll remember forever.

A person has some choices to make when they're hungry. A lot of factors can come into play, as anyone who is old enough to have fed themselves knows. How hungry are you? What can you afford? What are you in the mood for? How healthy are you trying to be? A lot of questions. While these are all good questions that must be answered and the "rules" if you will, of having a meal, a savvy eater also knows when to break the rules. Yes, every so often those that derive true pleasure from eating must buck tradition, break the rules and no matter the cost, no matter how potentially-fattening it is, no matter what you have time for - sometimes you just have to treat yourself and eat something that just tastes amazing. Lucky for hungry people in Greater Lansing there is somewhere to go for these special occasions. These moments made for monumental meals. Meals that are special, simply more than filling up so you can make it through the day. I'm talking about a real celebration of flavor. A slow, deliberate walk through flavor country. You get me? Are you looking for such an occasion? A place to do more than just eat, but really treat yourself to something special? Scrap your earlier plans and ignore the leftovers you brought for lunch today and head directly to MEAT Southern BBQ and Carnivore Cuisine in Old Town, Lansing. What can you expect? This is no wimpy chain place, I can say that much. Need more info? Okay, let me just say this, never before has Michigan's Capital City offered such a fine purveyor of flavorful and fine and succulent smoked meats and bold and beautiful BBQ flavors. Slow smoked for not a minute less than 18 hours, beef, chicken, pork and turkey, turn into treats that will bring a true meat-lover to tears. I mean that. You might very well openly weep - it's that good. The menu is such that you order the meat in its basic, deliciously-smoked form, and then you add sauces (of varying heats) and some truly amazing sides. What kind of sides? Um, duh...the decadent ones that pair perfectly with perfectly smoked meat, of course. Mac & cheese, seasoned fries, mashed potatoes, corn bread, chili...are you following me - or are you too busy drooling? If you haven't started drooling yet, get ready to, because I'm going to give you the actual menu description of not only my favorite thing on the menu at MEAT, but a menu item that describes the true spirit of this amazing, one-of-a-kind, Old Town Lansing haunt.

Meat Mountain

An unimaginably awesome baked layered combination of garlic mashed potatoes, smoked beef brisket, bacon gravy, spicy creamed corn and gooey cheddar cheese. Eating it is better than climbing Mt. Everest.....$12

Do I have your attention now Meat-Lovers? I thought so. I know you're hungry, and your thoughts are getting hazy so I'll make this clear and simple. Its okay to break the rules sometimes. Eating something decadent and amazing is your right as a human being. Get to MEAT, and make your next meal a special occasion for you and your stomach.