Kids of all ages will love the Splah Pad at Hawk Island Park, but its just one of many fun things to do under the summer sun.

Kids of all ages will love the Splash Pad at Hawk Island Park, but its just one of many fun things to do under the summer sun.

We've had enough summer that you've very likely done a lot of your favorite things already. What are your favorite summer things to do? Go to a Lugnuts Game? Eat at the great outdoor patio spots in the area? Take a walk through the MSU Demonstration or 4H Children's Gardens, maybe? There are a lot of great choices in the Greater Lansing area of course, but I've got one more for you. Maybe you already know about it, and maybe you don't, but either way its time to make an opening in your summer plans for a day well-spent at Hawk Island Park in Lansing.

This is really a neat area, carved out of the woods along Cavanaugh Street, and will surprise all those that come there that a natural area this big can be found right inside the metro-Lansing area. Lots of options for recreation and relaxation make Hawk Island a place you can spend a few fun-filled hours, or the whole day. A huge pond is perfect for a swim to cool off. A board walk that overhangs the pond on a few sides makes it a fun place to cast your line and spend some relaxing time fishing, that is of course, until you hook into a fighting Bass or Blue Gill. Maybe jump onto one of the canoes, or paddle boats available for rent and take a tour across the pond and over to the far side that is across from the lively beach area and find a tranquil moment or two amongst nature. A large play structure will be a big hit with the kids and they'll play there gleefully, until they get hot again and need to switch gears and jump back in to the water for a refreshing swim. If you're planning to make a day of it, bring a picnic lunch and use one of the cool and clean covered picnic areas for lunchtime. Some cold lemonade, sandwiches and a handful or two of chips will be just the thing to recharge anyone for the remainder of the hot summer afternoon. Little kids will be able to spend hours exploring and staying cool in the splash pad area, so bring plenty of sunscreen and your smartphone for photos you'll treasure long after summers over. Feel like a nice walk? Dont leave the park, instead take a stroll at your chosen pace along the nearly 2-mile paved walking trail. Ready for a game? How about horseshoes? Or sand volleyball? Maybe you just want to curl up on a warm towel and read the book you've been dying to get into for months, but just havent found the time? The time is now. Summer has some life left, but it wont be around forever. Make the time now to find what, I'm sure, will become one of your new favorite summer places in Greater Lansing - Hawk Island Park.