Unique Venues Abound in Greater Lansing

Unique meeting space can be the difference between a meeting that is a snoozer and one that inspires.

When planning a meeting or event a critical element is obviously the venue. Not just the newest hotel property around, or the most obviously equipped conference facility but a truly unique meeting venue that fits the meeting you're hosting and the attendees you're expecting. How about a huge outdoor garden, meticulously kept for a conference of Botanists? Or how about hosting an association of Architects at one of the most unique and architecturally-celebrated buildings in the country? Maybe give an association of Teachers or Principals a break from the everyday noise and bustle of a school building and host them at a quaint English Inn set in a calm and picturesque rural setting? Perhaps host a group of engineers in a museum dedicated to one of the industry's founding fathers? Okay, one more. How about sessions in a stadium suite at a minor league ballpark and then a fun breakout/team-building session out on the field of play? Board meeting followed by batting practice. Some good ideas, right? By now you're starting to see my point about thinking outside the box - the box in this case of course is the traditionally set hotel ballroom.

Unique venues arent always an option for your general sessions due to size and other realities, but do the legwork to set up unique venues and sites for receptions, evening events, or off-site events. Attendees love to see something different and its a creative way to showcase the assets of the host city. The fact that venue is so important makes your choice of the host city extremely important. All of the suggestions for cool and unique venues mentioned earlier are available in Greater Lansing, Michigan. Check out the CVB website and the complete list of unique venues listed there. Lots and lots of organizations need to meet but its the creative planners thinking of unique venues that make a meeting truly memorable. Meeting spaces that are also creative places are all around in Greater Lansing. Find out more as you explore lansing.org.