Fall reigns as the supreme season for many (myself included) and, really, it’s not surprising why. Fall is just so darn…cozy! Cozy boots, cozy scarfs, cozy sweaters–fall is just all about the cozy. You know what I mean? Then you add in all the wonderful seasonal scents and flavors and you just end up with this perfect storm of pumpkin spice and plaid. *Sighs*

Obviously, it’s easy to persuade me into the fall spirit. If you on the other hand still need a little convincing, here’s one suggestion. Make your way to Greater Lansing’s Makers & Shakers Trail to try one of these five brews. They are deliciously warming and sure to get you in the mood for fall. 

  1. Home Grown Harvest Ale | Lansing Brewing Company
    You can always count on something unique from Lansing Brewing Company. So if you haven’t embraced the pumpkin spice trend, you’ll love that this beer features caramel and malty deliciousness instead. On a side-note, have you seen LBC’s Back Bar Banter videos? I highly recommend them if a.) you want to learn more about their brewing process or b.) you want a good laugh. 
    Description: Our harvest ale is a fresh hop ale utilizing Chinook from Top Hops Farm in Goodrich, MI. We used 30lbs of fresh wet hops that were cut from the farm and brought right to our back door to use them in our brew immediately. The Michigan Chinook gives this beer a nice floral and slightly fruity flavor balance with caramel and toasted malts. It’s both hop forward and malt forward. Perfect for fall drinking pleasure. (6.0% Alcohol by Volume, 42 IBU)

    Lansing Brewing Company Home Grown Harvest Ale
    (Photo Credit: Brand USA)
  2. Pumpkin Spice Rye | EagleMonk Pub and Brewery
    Plenty of folks eagerly await the release of this beer so they can cozy up to a pint. It packs a punch of seasonal pumpkin spice but is set apart from the others with its distinct focus on the addition of rye.
    Description: This beer is made with British pale malt, caramel malt, and a generous amount of rye malt to give it a distinct ‘rye’ flavor. Pumpkin is added to the mash (pre-boil), and pumpkin pie spices are added in the boil. Northern Brewer and Centennial hops are used. 34 IBUs with lots of flavor and aroma hop character! This is a once a year beer that is anticipated and enjoyed by our customers. It will be on tap in time for Halloween, stop in and give it a try. (6.9% Alcohol by Volume, 34 IBU)

    It's Alive Pumpkin Porter
  3. It’s Alive!! | Old Nation Brewing 
    This brew from Old Nation is alive! With fall flavor that is. Porters, in my opinion, are perfect for fall. Typically, I gravitate toward lighter beers, like IPAs, but once fall rolls around I find the full-bodied flavor of a porter increasingly appealing. Add in a bit of pumpkin spice and you have a glass full of fall cozy. (Photo Credit: Old Nation Brewing)
    Description: A Porter with pumpkin and pumpkin spices. (5.8% Alcohol by Volume, 23 IBU)
  4. Atomic Apple Hard Cider | Uncle John’s Cider Mill
    Fall and apples go hand in hand, so it’s only right to include a hard cider on the list. And who better to include than Uncle John’s who was just listed as one of 10 Great Apple Cider Tasting Rooms for a Fall Retreat by USA Today. There are a lot of other hard cider options to choose from at Uncle John’s, but the addition of cinnamon makes this a solid choice for fall. 
    Description: The base starts as our Uncle John’s fresh apple cider which we ferment and blend with candy flavors of your childhood to make this spicy & festive cider. (6.5% Alcohol by Volume)

    Uncle John's Cider Mill Atomic Apple Hard Cider
    (Photo Credit: Uncle John's Cider Mill)
  5. Imperial Pumpkin Cream Ale | Midtown Brewing Company
    Pumpkin seems to have become synonymous with fall and the Imperial Pumpkin Cream Ale from MBC makes the most of this festive flavor. Compared to It’s Alive!! by Old Nation Brewing (mentioned above) the Imperial Pumpkin Cream Ale is lighter-bodied. So if you still want all the pumpkiny goodness but aren’t necessarily a fan of darker beers, give this a go.
    Description: (9% Alcohol by Volume)

These five beverages definitely say fall to me, but I know there are others out there! What are your favorite fall beverages? Are you a fan of the pumpkin spice trend? Let me know in the comments below or send me a message on Twitter at @emilymepham. Cheers to fall and cheers to cozy drinks!