Greater Lansing is home to a lot of yummy food. And people love to talk about it. If youre ever stuck in a lull in a conversation, start running through the gamut of best breakfast spots, the best burger joints, the best ice cream places and where to find the best Bloody Marys. Youll find strangers chiming in. Really. So with Thanksgiving just around the corner, I took a little poll around the office for the best places to find great pie in Greater Lansing and got some very enthusiastic feedback. Here are some of our favorites:

  1. Sweetie-licious PieSweetie-licious Bakery & Caf. So hands down, Linda Hundts sweetest little pie place is THE shop to get the most awesome pies. Shes won a ton of national awards and if youre ever headed towards Lansing, you just have to stop and say hi. Co-worker Brandie says, they have a great raspberry cream pie there. You can choose from all sorts of berry pies, or listen to what my other co-worker Amanda had to say. Carmel apple pie. Melt in your mouth. Eat it warm. Forget the turkey, bring on the pie. Heather agreed.
  2. Grand Traverse Pie Company. With a shop right in downtown Lansing, GTPie is a great spot to pick up not only traditional fruit pies, but they also have the best chicken and turkey pot pies, too. Co-worker Karen likes their cherry pie and wishes that she had some right now while Beth nominated the ABC crumb pie as her favorite. She explained that the ABC stands for Michigan apples, blueberries and cherries. Brandie likes the apple crumb with a caramel drizzle. It all sounds good to me.
  3. Roma Bakery. At the best little bakery in downtown Lansing you can special orderWait for itwait for itPecan Pie! I cant even tell you how happy this makes me. Thank you Roma Bakery. Beth and I love your little fruit pie tartlets, but now Im going to love you for your pecan pies, too. But Ill have to remember to call ahead to have one made up for me. Like tomorrow. And then pick up Mena's cookbook that just came out. Maybe her pie recipe is in there???
  4. Bake N Cakes. THE BEST and only place for Boston Cream Pie in Lansing agrees both Katie and Beth. Jan chimed in to say that anything from Bake N Cakes is good. Katie also suggests the Chocolate cream pie with super thick whipped topping!! YUM!!
  5. Sugar Shack. So it seems that weve run the gamut through the fruit pies, but where do you go for that infamous Sweet Potato Pie? That would be the best little cupcake place. Its Sugar Shack and they make a kickin' sweet potato pie. This pie is subtly spiced and easy to slice, and a nice alternative to the traditional pumpkin pie.

Best suggestion that I can give you. ORDER AHEAD so you wont be disappointed!