What happens when you take a handful of local weekend warriors, a dash of some former college and pro athletes, add a pinch of local newscasters and celebrities and mix them all up into 12 teams of 10 and pour them on to Michigan State Universitys practice football field? On a Sunday. After weeks of trash talking. And tell them theyre raising money for the kids at Oldham Project called Oldham Kids? Let me tell you what happens. THE best flag football tournament that you'll get to see.

Dont miss Battlefield Brawl III this Sunday, April 29, 2012. Come on out and watch as Tim Bograkos, Andre Hutson, Amp Campbell, Jehuu Caulcrick and a host of other former and current athletes take to the field alongside the weekend warriors. See newscasters Tim Nester, Lauren Evens and Evan Pinsonnault get scrappy. And cheer on the Capital City Stealth, the MSU Club Soccer team, my personal favorites the Good Fruit Team: Bad News Pears and eight more great teams. Will there be some competitiveness? You betcha. Will there be some hilarity and chaos? Oh yes. And probably some sore and bruised players. But fun will win out always. And in my mind, whats cuter than a bunch of grown people running around with streamers on?

So come and support a great local event and a great local charity, enjoy some good-natured ribbing and a bit of down and dirty flag football. Its all for the Kids.