Whether you want to spark a memory, give the gift of time together, create a lasting experience or start a new tradition, these unique Lansing gift ideas will be a great alternative to the same old “stuff” and will be sure to please.

  1. Spartan Agate. I fell in love the minute I laid eyes upon this stone. Made from the thick layers of paint applied over many decades to “The Rock” at Michigan State University, when a slab of paint fell off the rock years back, officially authorized jewelers preserved the layers of paint and created a man-made “gem.” Every Spartan would love this. Find a limited supply at the MSU Museum gift shop. #Want
    Spartan agate from The Rock
  2. Impression 5 Science Center. Give the gift of making memories with or for your loved ones. By purchasing a membership to Impression 5, the actual thing you’ll be giving is precious time together with family. I selfishly buy a membership for my granddaughter’s family so I can schedule visits with her that are all about playing and learning together. Also, don't miss shopping for age appropriate gifts at Impression 5 To Go! #FamilyMemories
    Impression 5 is for families!
  3. Le Chat Gourmet. Cooking classes are a joy for those who love to noodle around in their kitchens. Learning new inventive menus, baking, and cooking skills are made even better when you’re alongside friends, family or your significant other. Even kids camps are available for the junior chef. #DeathByChocolateWorkshop #ItsWhatsForDinner
    Cooking class at Le Chat
  4. Wharton Center for Performing Arts. Tickets to the Wharton are a great gift. Whether it’s a pops concert, the symphony, dance or a Broadway show, it’s a super easy event to attend. Great parking, casual atmosphere and pretty much great seats available. I’m looking forward to Beautiful-The Carole King Musical and STOMP among others coming up this new year. #HowToSurviveAMichiganWinter #CultureInLansing
  5. Second Shift book. The Inside Story of the Keep GM Movement in Lansing as told by the powers who ultimately helped keep the capital city a car town. The acclaimed documentary came out last year and the book was released just this year. If you have friends or relatives who lived through this era, they will appreciate this insiders’ peek into this unique problem-solving approach known as the Second Shift Model. #LansingIsACarCapital
  6. Gift Certificates to River Town Adventures/District 5 Extreme Air Sports passes. Know somebody who loves to keep active? Give the gift of pure fun. They can use the District 5 passes over the holidays to work on their ninja warrior skills and look forward to spring and biking the Lansing River Trail or kayaking on the Grand River. Hey, a kayak is a great gift too. #JustSaying #HintHint
  7. American Fifth Spirits Gift Pack. Pick up a sampler pack of American Fifth spirits at Lansing’s first and only distillery. Hue Vodka, Fat Five White Whiskey, Capital Gin and Turtleback White Rum will cover all the bases and make a decent party pack. They also have full bottles that make great gifts as well. While you’re there pick up the Greater Lansing Makers & Shakers Trail brochure and find even more artisan craft beer, wine and spirit makers in the area. #ImAMakerAndShaker #DrinkLocal
    American Fifth Holiday Gift pack
  8. MSU Dairy Store Gift Boxes. With multiple options straight from the MSU Dairy Store, this makes a fabulous gift for any Spartan fan. The best and baddest pack includes a 16 oz. block of Cheddar Cheese, Jalapeno Cheese, Caerphilly Cheese, Smoked Cheddar Cheese, and an 8 oz. wedge of our Gouda cheese made with milk from the Kellogg Biological Station Farm. It also includes a Michigan made maple cutting board. #GoGreen #SeriouslyWhoDoesntLoveCheese
    MSU Cheese gift pack
  9. Quality Dairy Chip Dip/El Azteco Cheese Dip. Although these probably don’t ship well to your out-of-town recipients, anybody who grew up in Lansing knows that these items are on the “I can’t get this where I live now” list. QD is the mini-mart of the Lansing area and their French onion chip dip is epic. Ditto the El Az cheese dip heaped on a tortilla chip. You’ll be the hit of the holidays or party when you arrive with any of this stuff. #FTW #HolidayHero
  10. Love Lansing. If you’re a Lansingphile or just want to gift one, you’ll appreciate the sentiment of any of these great gift ideas. Either online or in person, these retailers deliver on their #lovelansing promise. Check out the irreverent shirts from Jive One Seven or find some lovely Lansing drinking glasses at the Old Town General Store. A Michigan pillow from Capital Loop Gifts (at the Lansing City Market) won my vote with its heart-shaped button right where Lansing is and the Lansing Skyline necklaces from Grace Boutique are just darling. #LoveLansing #NeedAllThese #ILoveMyDirtyLansingShirt
    Jive One Seven t-shirt

So there’s my list. Frankly, it really could be MY list to Santa. And I’ve been a pretty good girl this year. Did I miss anything? Feel free to chime in.

Did you know that Greater Lansing offers over 150 things to do? With only 48 hours in a weekend, the clock is ticking. Download the LAN150 Bucket List to get started.