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Author: Kate Mudgett

An alumna of Michigan State University, Kate bleeds green. Now based in Grand Rapids, she still often makes the trip back to Lansing for Spartan Football and to explore the Greater Lansing area. Whether it’s chasing after her nephews at Impression 5 or meeting up with other MSU alumni to check off stops on the Makers and Shakers trail, Kate enjoys rediscovering the place she once called home, but now as an adult.

Feeling the need to reconnect with friends, take a break from the stress of work, family and boring weekends? It’s time for a Girls Getaway!

With the sun out and the flowers blooming, I feel the need to shake off the winter blues and have some fun with the girls. As “the planner” of our squad, the coordination of travel and activities often falls to me. With my friends now spread across the Midwest, it is important to find a place that is centrally located and easy to get to. This is what led to our latest destination, Lansing, Michigan.