Brooke Couch
Brooke Couch, CTA

Brooke is a senior at Michigan State University studying Graphic Design and Photography. After arriving at Michigan State from her hometown in Florida, she quickly fell in love with East Lansing and all it has to offer. She has continued developing her love of Design and the Greater Lansing Area with the GLCVB Marketing and Communications team, and loves every minute of it! 

The #LoveLansing Fall Experience…To Go!

While it’s true that Lansing has an abundance of fun, outdoor fall venues, such as the Lansing River Trail, Potter Park Zoo, or even Fenner Nature Center, we acknowledge that many of us aren’t quite ready to venture out of the comfort of our homes. That's why this year we are offering a list of venues that will help you bring the #LoveLansing fall experience back home…

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Disc Golf, Sunshine, and More!

While summer is a good time to soak up the sun, it’s also an opportunity to try new things! Most of us spend our summer days looking for a new hobby or way to spend our free time, so why not take advantage of the sunny weather outdoors…

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Lansing's Summer Sippin' Spots

After spending practically all of spring indoors, I'll take any excuse to be outside this summer. Despite my extra time to practice my own cooking and drink mixing skills, I crave having a professional cocktail from some of my favorite restaurants. Having a quiet, sunny space to sit while drinking is just an added bonus to the experience…

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