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Posts from March 2016

Lights, camera – action. It’s finally time. After waiting and waiting for years one of the most highly anticipated movies in the wildly popular comic book genre is finally here. Batman versus Superman: Dawn of Justice. No more watching trailers or trolling for scraps on the internet. We get to actually go to the theater, get our popcorn and go see it. It’s real. To add excitement, and to make the whole thing feel more real, is that a notable landmark located right here in East Lansing makes a big splash in the film. An awesome backdrop for a key part of the film, the Eli & Edythe Broad art museum makes its Hollywood debut and comes through with flying colors.

If you loved following the parade of stylish clothes and accessories that the women of Downton Abbey wore, you noticed that in the last seasons they embraced the looks of the 1920’s and the ‘flapper era.’ Fashion trended towards looser, shorter dresses and even short bobbed hair enhanced with either a headband or a tight fitting hat. This bell-shaped or “cloche” hat was representative of the freedom that women were embracing.

By the time spring break rolls around both kids and parents are in desperate need of a change of pace, and rightfully so. Staying inside all winter can tempt even the most serious adult to run outside like a kindergartener at recess once the weather warms up. Luckily, Greater Lansing offers families plenty of spring break activities that are fun, affordable and can be enjoyed by all ages. Check out our top picks below and start planning how you’ll spend your break.

Mention the word burger and I’m in. There is nothing like a good char-broiled juicy burger to satisfy my hunger. Make mine medium so that the center is pink. I give extra points when it drips down my wrists. If I don’t get messy, the burger probably wasn’t that good. I like everything from a simple cheeseburger deluxe to an olive burger or a fancy pants obi-wan-kobe-waygu-go-for-the-gold-patty-with-some-crazy-stinky-cheese-crumbles-on-top burger.

When you’re looking forward to something fun time seems to really drag. You’ve been there. Think about how Hoopie must feel waiting for March Magic Hoopfest to start up! All year long he waits for this hands-on basketball fan fest set for 8 short days away. When it starts getting close like this he’s really getting anxious and while he tries to help, he… well, let’s just say he he’s really best suited for Hoopfest… and that’s about it. You remember last week when he tried helping out around the office and ended up making so many mistakes he fouled out? Well, it was suggested Hoopie try and go help out with a few of this year’s generous Hoopfest Sponsors. Things started out okay because Hoopie brings plenty of enthusiasm but then.. well… see for yourself.