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Winter in mid-Michigan is something that I so look forward to early in the season. Cue the Christmas lights and the holiday spirit. Oh, look! Pretty giant snowflakes are drifting down. Hey, let's build a snowman and take a walk in the snow-covered field. By the end of January, I'm ready to kick cold weather and salt-crusted boots to the curb and welcome spring. But what makes shorter daylight and cold temperatures tolerable is that the month of January has been designated as National Soup Month.


Look at charming REO Town, waiting for you, almost asking for you to sit down, and have a beer.
Look at charming REO Town, waiting for you, almost asking for you to sit down, and have a beer.

Even though old man winter seems to have a fair amount of strength left, the spirit of cool places like REO Town in Greater Lansing rage on, welcoming visitors and residents alike to come on down, draw up a chair, and yes, in this case, draw up a beer as well. This Friday and Saturday, January 29 and 30, located throughout three distinctive venues in REO Town, come celebrate the Art and Craft Beer Fest.

What makes visiting Greater Lansing so great? Our walk-able downtown means that within five minutes, in a five block radius, you can visit five of our must-see attractions!

  1. Capitol DomeMichigans State Capitol Building Did you know? The Capitol is now open for tours on Saturdays, in addition to its traditional weekday hours. Michigans founding fathers believed the building should be open to all. Docents encourage the by the people, for the people philosophy and encourage visitors to explore the impeccably restored national historic landmark, view the amazing architecture and see where Michigans laws are made.

A journey into history is like going back in time. It's a rich exploration through experience and humanity that will both educate and entertain. No, you cant change the past when you explore this way, but you can change your thoughts on history itself and how you view mankind and its passionate and personal journey forward into...the future. Wow. Heavy stuff. But a lot of fun, as you're sure to find out. Interested? Read on!

Winter Blog Image

Sometimes I feel bad for winter. The name-calling, the seasonal rivalry, the fact that it quite possibly has more offensive memes on social mediathan Donald Trump. Think about it, how would you feel if every time you came around people actually fled to another state to just get away?

I like to think winter is just misunderstood. If you choose to look beyond the stigmas and really embrace the season, you'll discover that winter can be one of the most pure, serene and absolutely stunning times of the year.

The latest and greatest 2016 Greater Lansing Visitor Guide for Michigan's capital region is now available and hot off the press. You can currently find the new guideat the Lansing and Meridian Malls and of course at either of our Visitor Centers in downtown Lansing and downtown East Lansing. We will be getting them out next week to area hotels and attractions. You can request a guide to be mailed right to your house or you can view it online. Heres the link to get your guide the way you want it.