Safe Pledge Cleaning Crowne Plaza

The Greater Lansing region wants you to be healthy and safe while visiting. Our hotels, restaurants and attractions have taken the Greater Lansing Safe Pledge for your health and well being. Please visit our Safe Pledge page for details.

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I can't get to all the places in one day. Why don't you have this for multiple days? 
We're fortunate to work with many diverse venues that are willing to open their doors for free to visitors during Be A Tourist. It's our goal to provide a wide sample for residents to choose from. The goal of Be A Tourist is to give participants just a taste of what the region has to offer and hope that they will get out explore those venues more thoroughly at a later date. 

Do I have to pay every time I get on the bus? 
No. The Capital Area Transportation Authority partners with the GLCVB to provide four transportation routes with dedicated stops and multiple busses on each route to get to the majority of attractions. Just pay fifty (50) cents when you board the bus and receive a transfer that will allow patrons to freely get on and off the busses until the end of the event. These special routes will run from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the day of the event. Children 42" or less ride for free! (NOTE: Please have exact change ready when boarding. Or use your CATA Bus Pass!) While CATA lines service the majority of the attractions, there are a few that are not, and you may need to drive to get there. 

Is this just for families?
No. The event is open to people of all ages. 

I prefer not to ride CATA. Can I drive my own car?
While we encourage participants to utilize the convenience of CATA, you can definitely drive your own vehicle to the attractions. 

Maximize your Be A Tourist experience by trying a few of these tips:

  • Buy your passport early and map out what you want to see.
  • Do the one-day-only tours as they may not be open the next year. 
  • Do only one bus route per year. 
  • Pick a theme and visit the attractions that match that genre. For example pick a culinary experience and visit those attractions offering cooking demonstrations, wine tastings or micro brew sampling.