LANSING, Mich. – The Greater Lansing Convention and Visitors Bureau (GLCVB), and its Certified Tourism Ambassador (CTA) program, will join the US hospitality community to recognize National Travel & Tourism Week, May 7-13, 2017. 

National Travel and Tourism Week was established by a congressional resolution in 1983 in an effort to champion the power of our industry. Travel and tourism professionals from across the nation work throughout the week to promote the impactful contributions their travel markets and organizations make to the U.S. economy. The US Travel Association reports that nationally, the tourism industry supports 15 million jobs and makes up over $2 Trillion of the US economy. Greater Lansing, Michigan is proud to join the campaign for 2017 and proudly does its part to contribute to the nation’s tourism industry. As reported in our recent Tourism Counts campaign, tourism in Greater Lansing accounts for over 11,000 local jobs, 4.8 million annual visitors and $602 million in economic impact. Last year, Greater Lansing residents earned $140 million in wages working in the tourism industry and then used that money building a life in our community. A healthy tourism industry helps provide significant tax relief for area residents as well. Guests to our region pay taxes on fuel, lodging, food and much more. The total is an average of over $22 million in state taxes annually and $395 million to the Greater Lansing GDP. 

In addition to celebrating National Tourism Week, the GLCVB will also be promoting 517 day; A day focused on showing love for Greater Lansing, capitalizing on May 17th and our 517 area code. A social media campaign will ask GLCVB Facebook and Instagram followers to change their profile picture to our 517 icon and post their favorite pictures of the Greater Lansing area. 

“Our regions record year in 2016 is in-step with the national trend of a positive upswing in travel and tourism,” said Jack Schripsema, President and CEO the GLCVB. “National Tourism Week serves as a reminder of the economic importance of a strong tourism industry, both nationally and here at home. Taking a moment during National Tourism Week and 517 Day to think about our destination and local points of pride is an exercise that helps build additional positive momentum for our community.” 

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The mission of the Greater Lansing Convention & Visitors Bureau is to positively impact the area’s economy by marketing the region as a travel destination.