Lansing, Mich. - Through a request by the CAPITAL CITY DRAGON BOAT RACE, a $5000 matching grant has been received by Lansing Parks and Recreation from the Team Lansing Foundation, with the cooperation of the Greater Lansing Sports Authority, allowing the purchase and installation of new floating docks on the Grand River in Adado Riverfront Park. The docks, installed by Feighner Docks of Charlotte, will not only better host the inaugural CAPITAL CITY DRAGON BOAT RACE, but will also provide a long term benefit for the community by encouraging more recreational use of the Grand River in downtown Lansing.

The CAPITAL CITY DRAGON BOAT RACE will run from the Lansing City Market, north to Adado Riverfront Park, on Sunday, September 4, 2011. Spectators are encouraged to watch from either side of the river or the Shiawassee St. Bridge, while also enjoying Michigan Mosaic Music Festival taking place in West Adado Park. Races will begin at 8 AM Sunday and will continue throughout the day. For more information visit

To insure that proceeds of the CCDBR be devoted to improving this downtown section of the Grand River for community enjoyment, Mid-Michigan Environmental Action Council was chosen as recipient and in return, offers crucial support to CCDBR. The Mid-Michigan Environmental Action Council serves Ingham, Eaton, and Clinton counties, translating environmental concerns into action by providing education, advocacy, and volunteer opportunities. For more information on Mid-MEAC, please visit