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Shopping - Antiques


Find that treasured gemfrom the past as you hunt through the numerous antique shops in Greater Lansingand its surrounding communities! 

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Antiques Market of Williamston

The largest, most comprehensive antiques market in the area, located 11 miles east of Lansing. 2991 Williamston Rd., …more

Lambs' Gate Antiques

This is a mid-Michigan, family run antique shop with a character all its own. The cohesive store layout allows one to …more

Mega Mall
  • 15487 S. US Hwy. 27
  • Lansing, MI 48906
  • Phone: (517) 487-3275
  • Fax: (517) 487-3586
  • Web:

Shop the Mega Mall, Michigan's most unique shopping experience. Browse through 40,000 square feet of today's and …more