Greater Lansing Michigan
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Education and Hobbies

Greater Lansing offers numerous reasons why our destination is perfect to host your next education, hobby or special interest-related event.

Greater Lansing offers:

  • High value at affordable rates in comparison to other Midwestern metropolitan areas. From hotels to attractions and dining, groups with any budget can find themselves enjoying the best Greater Lansing has to offer.
  • A thriving hub of educational institutions, including three medical schools (two human medicine and one veterinary), two nursing schools, two law schools, a nationally-ranked community college and a Big Ten University.
  • A number of education and art-based organizations, which offer great local expertise, speakers and trainers.
  • Unique attractions such as Kresge Art Museum, Michigan Historical Museum, Wharton Center for Performing Arts, the State Capitol Building, Michigan Supreme Court Learning Center, Abrams Planetarium, MSU Barns, MSU Horticultural Gardens, R.E. Olds Transportation Museum and Impression 5 Science Center that are accessible to visiting groups.
  • An ideal and central location for events specializing in:

    School Group

    Kids learning at the MSU Museum.

    • 4-H
    • Academic Competitions
    • Agriculture
    • Cultural Studies
    • Hobbies & Special Interests
    • Music
    • Science
    • Theatre, Arts & Creativity
    • And more . . .



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Heather Cooper Kim, CMP, CTA

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Amy Moon, CTA

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