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Discovering Michigan County by County

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No matter where you go in Michigan, each of the 83 counties has a story to tell through its facts, history, land and water, people and things to do. With quick alphabetical “information categories,” it provides easy access to the information you need as you travel and learn what is important, interesting and unique about each county.

The ABC format is easy to read and makes comparing counties easy, too. There is no other book or Web site that contains the breadth of information compiled in this single resource. So, look out your car window or lean back in your favorite chair and enjoy your trip as you begin Discovering Michigan County by County! ABC's include
(A) Agriculture, (B) Bridge or Boat, (C) Celebrations, (D) Demographics,
(E) Environment, (F) Flora & Fauna, (G) Government, (H) Historical Markers,
(I) Information, (J) Jokes, (K) Kinsmen, (L) Lighthouse or Landmark, (M) Museum,
(N) Natural Resources, (O) Origins, (P) Parks, (Q) Quote from the Locals,
(R) Recreation & Sports, (S) State of Michigan, (T) Travel, (U) Universities & Colleges, (V) Variety, (W) Wanderlust, (X) X-tra Stuff, (Y) Yesteryear, (Z) Zoo & Animal Places

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